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Setting a Color Scale

The color scale is an important tool providing a clear way of visualization of results. The program offers two predefined types of color scales - "Uniform" and "Across zero". Both scales have a moving minimum and maximum value and predefined colors. The minimum and maximum values are automatically regenerated whenever a variable or a stage of construction is changed. The "Uniform" scale means that colors are uniformly spread from the minimum to the maximum value. The "Across zero" scale colors the positive values using warm colors (yellow, red), and negative values with cold colors (green, blue).

The program allows to introduce user-defined scales with both the fixed minimum and maximum and the moving minimum and maximum. A user-defined scale is specified in the "Scale color definition" dialog window. The scale is always defined for the current unit (e.g. kPa, m) - when switching the units the program always adjusts the scale particular for a given unit.  

Control units of a "Scale" tool bar

The following control units are available to manage scales:

Select scale

  • a combo list allows to select an already specified and stored scale

Define color scales

Store current scale

  • opens the "New scale" dialog window to store a new scale

Open scale manager

  • opens the window with a list of automatic and user-defined scales

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