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Calculation of Load Acting on a Shaft

The load from earth pressure and surcharge are computed in the frame "Load analysis". The stiffness of the shaft has a major influence on the earth pressure. Rigid structure does not allow deformation, so the earth pressure is much higher than on the flexible shaft.

Three types of shafts can be modelled in the program:

Ways of load determination

Load from earth pressure and surface surcharge acts as uniform load on the entire diameter. This load causes structure stress only by normal force - bending moment on the shaft is theoretically equal to zero. For modelling of real behavior of the shaft, the program introduces the Reduction coefficient in compliance to the standards DIN V 4034-1 or СНиП II-94-80. Recommended value of reduction coefficient is 25 %.

Modification of uniform load by reduction coefficient

Load from local surcharge is considered as shown on the next picture. This load is not modified by reduction coefficient.

Load from local surcharge

Recalculation of the load on walers

If the walers are input the program computes the load on each of them. The load depends on the axial distance between walers as shown in the picture.

Calculation of load on the waler

If no walers are input, the program computes load on unit depth (1 m, 1 ft).

If load is calculated, then program determines the distribution of internal forces on structure of the shaft.


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