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Calculation of Internal Forces on a Shaft (Dimensioning)

The program allows analysis of internal forces acting on the structure in horizontal and vertical direction at an intended load acting on the shaft.

Analysis of internal forces in vertical direction

Analytical model of the structure is shown in the picture. All walers are modelled as supports. The analysis is performed for a unit width (1 m, 1 ft) of the structure. Structures without walers or with one waler cannot be analysed in the vertical direction.

Analytical model in vertical direction

Analysis of internal forces in horizontal direction (polygonal method)

Internal forces in the horizontal direction are computed by polygonal method, where circular structure is divided into 72 segments. Each segment is supported by non linear spring, acting only in compression. The stiffness of springs is equal to input modulus of subsoil reaction.

The way of analysis is shown in the picture - if the structure deforms in direction to the center, the springs are removed from the analysis.

Analytical model in horizontal direction

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