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Settlement and Rotation

The "Settlement" frame serves to compute the foundation settlement and rotation. The frame allows for more analyses. The verification can be performed either for individual loads or the program finds the most critical one (can be selected from combo list).

The analysis of foundation settlement and rotation is carried out according to the theory specified in the frame "Spread Footing" tab.

For both limit states (strength, usability) program assesses the eccentricity of the foundation. The value of the maximum allowable eccentricity of foundation ealw is assumed in the frame "Settings" in the "Spread Footing" tab.

The stress in the footing bottom can be subtracted from the geostatic stress given by:

  • original ground
  • finished grade
  • not specified

Distributions of the geostatic stress and the stress increment below foundation are displayed in the left part of the desktop. The label below footing represents the depth of deformation zone. The stress is drawn below footing at the point with a characteristic deformation.

The frame also allows for specifying the coefficient of reduction of computation of settlement.

The detailed listing of the verification analysis results is displayed in the right part of the desktop. Visualization of results can be adjusted in the frame "Drawing Settings".

Frame "Settlement"

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