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The frame "Geometry" allows to input the parameters of piles (micropiles). The appearance of the frame varies according to the selected analysis type in the frame "Settings" (spring method, analytical solution, spring method - micropiles).

The analytical soluiton and spring method requires input of:

  • depth from ground surface
  • pile head offset
  • thickness of pile cap
  • length of piles

The spring method - micropiles requires input of:

  • thickness of pile cap
  • length of micropiles
  • diameter of root
  • root length
  • resistance of foundation soil - this input is very important and has a big influence on results of analysis - the magnitude of resistance of subsoil depends on type of subsoil, process of building of structure and history of loading. The force N is subtracted from the entered load in all load cases.




foundation area



entered resistance of foundation soil

Limit values of soil resistance

  • entered resistance is equal to zero => all load is transferred to the micropiles, the soil under the foundation is not considered
  • entered resistance is higher than total load and own weigth of cap => no load is transferred to the micropiles and the settlement of foundation is zero.

Individual piles in the group are always of the same length.

Frame "Geometry"

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