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The frame "Boreholes" serves to define boreholes, which allow for the modeling individual geological layers (depending on the setting in the frame "Basic data") or ground water tables (depending on the setting in the frame "Water").

To input points that determine the location of individual boreholes proceed in the similar way as when defining terrain points. Apart from coordinates it is necessary to enter the borehole name and thicknesses of layers. The generated geological profile can be easily modified exploiting the option of automatic calculation of height z from the thicknesses of individual layers.

Boreholes can be defined only in the first stage of construction. The program automatically assures that a lower layer always lies below an upper layer - "Crossing of layers" is not acceptable - the dominant layer is always the upper layer.

Visualization of drawing on the desktop can be modified in any input regime based on the setting adjusted in the "Drawing Settings" dialog window and with the help of buttons on tool bar "Visualization".

Frame "Boreholes" - input, edit

Frame "Boreholes" - defined boreholes

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